Helping people with locked-in syndrome to live their best possible lives

A young, happy disabled boy in a wheelchair next to a carer within a playroom environment

We believe that people with locked-in syndrome should have access to the equipment and support they need to enable them to live a full life without any financial worries, including getting out and about regularly and having trips away. The Locked-In Trust aims to help people with locked-in syndrome live their best possible lives by researching, sourcing and providing a supply of the most up to date assistive technology, and providing greater access to life and communication equipment.

The charity aims to research and source appropriate holiday packages, with the necessary provisions for both the individual and their support team to have a well-deserved respite period. This will have a hugely positive impact on the mental well-being of all involved.

The long-term goal for the charity is to be able to support people with locked-in syndrome to live life in the same way as people without the condition.

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