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What makes up unique

We feel that through supporting our team of expert nurses to focus more on the care requirements of each individual client and less on administrative and operational tasks, we will naturally deliver a far higher level of person-centred care. This way of working means that our nurses are more involved with each package of care on a day-to-day basis, driving up standards and building trust. Our business structure ensures that all pillars of our organisation are underpinned with clinical excellence, with our nurses working in partnership with each individual client, specifically focussing on the goals and outcomes for each person that we provide care for. Our approach is unique, completely person-centred and fully supported by a strong head office team, who also take a very active part in the delivery of each package of care. We have invested considerably in this structure to ensure that we can deliver our service 24hours per day, 365 days per year.

A higher level of nurse involvement and visibility throughout our business, to maximise quality in all packages of care and services that we offer. The best quality care, the highest skilled staff, the most compassionate people working with us, led by our industry leading Clinical Nurse Managers.

Nurse managers based locally to all packages of care, meaning that we can be truly responsive to your immediate support needs.

Part of the fastest growing HC group in the UK – driven by quality and meeting the specific needs of each individual client.

The technology that we use helps to improve our business on a daily basis. From how our clients are able to communicate through to how we securely share and store sensitive information, we are always looking to make our service as secure, yet as responsive as possible.


We put i-pads/tablets in all long-term packages of care, to support the management and sharing of information.

Our owners are actively involved in the day to day running of our business and share the same passion for your care that runs right the way through our business. No corporations or banks, just people who/that really care.

We provide you with the same quality carers, time and time again, because we understand the importance of providing consistency, as carers build relationships with the patient, their family and the processes that best suit the person.

With our online care management system in place for each package of care, families can be in contact with the patient at the click of a button.  Our system supports families to be kept up to date with the ongoing care planning and day to day care delivery. Families are also able to see photos and communicate with the care giver at the click of a button – we hope to make you feel close when you may be far away.

Care isn’t just about being taken care of clinically, it’s about helping each person reach their potential by supporting them to be independent, making the most of every day. Our person-centred care model focusses on positive outcomes, supporting our clients to achieve their personal goals.

Our rapid response team can mobilise packages of care in a matter of days, supporting clients at a time when very few others can. Our highly qualified, skilled and experienced team provide this unique solution across all care settings.

Adhering to the highest of standards, we work fully in line with all CQC regulations and requirements, as well as wider industry guidelines, such as NICE, NMC, NHSI, Monitor and ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

We are a Platinum Award winner for delivering outstanding business and candidate compliance, as well as ongoing quality management.

Accessing our service

One Call is all takes – You are only one call away from designing your own person-centre package of care, supported by a business that truly believes in you. This is how it works….

  • Enquiry – Contact us by phone, email or through our website and let us know what you need. We will then contact you to understand more about your needs and to also arrange an assessment.
  • Assessment – We complete a personalised clinical assessment to help us identify exactly how we can and the level of support that you may need.
  • Care Plan – Our Nurses will create bespoke, in-depth, person-centred care plans which are created in partnership with each individual client.
  • Care team – (Recruitment and selection) We know that introducing new people into your home environment can be challenging, so we arrange meet and greet introductions, to make sure that you get to know each member of your care team before they start working with you.
  • Training – Each member of our nursing and care team is completely trained in line with your specific bespoke care requirements, via a clinical competency-based training programme, with full clinical oversight throughout. 
  • Care Delivery – Your own bespoke package of care commences.
  • Monitoring and managing – Your package of care is monitored daily to ensure your needs are being met and that quality is at the forefront of everything that we do. This will involve support from your own care team and Nurse Manager.
  • Ongoing clinical support – Each package of care has its own Nurse Manager allocated to it, to ensure seamless clinical support and communication, at all times.



For our clients we will:

  • Build a fully engaged, cohesive and participative culture.
  • Be ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  • Remain collaborative and co-operative and always strive to improve.

OneCall24 Healthcare App

Giving you a clearer future

OneCall24 supports you to be in control of your own care, by helping you to monitor and manage key components of your personalised care delivery. This ensures improved knowledge for all people involved in your package of care, leading to the best possible patient experience, fully supported by the delivery of your planned outcomes.

OneCall24 Healthcare Medication Management icon

Medication Management

Our online system and App links live and direct to the DM+D and BNF, providing the latest information to ensure safe medications administration.

OneCall24 Healthcare Evidence Collection icon

Evidence Collection

Collect digital witness signatures and add photos to documents, observations, and actions to evidence care provision at all stages of the care delivery journey.

OneCall24 Healthcare Action Scheduling icon

Action Scheduling

Create person-centred care plans easily with a specialist scheduling feature.

OneCall24 Healthcare Care Plan Tracking icon

Care Plan Tracking

Track metrics of your choice against progress and maintenance, in easy-to-understand graphical representation.

OneCall24 Healthcare App Management icon

Offline Care Plan Management on App

Our system is fully functional offline as well as online, and updates automatically in poor connectivity areas.  Alerts inform the office of any irregularities.

OneCall24 Healthcare Team Role icon

Multi-Discipline Team Roles

New MDT role capability allows limited permission-controlled access by third parties (e.g. psychologists, podiatrists and GP’s), so that they have all the information they need to support each individual package of care more effectively.

OneCall24 Healthcare App
OneCall24 Healthcare Timeline icon

Timeline of Care

Our exclusive new 24-hour timeline of care, available at office, carer and individual service user levels, clearly shows everything that has happened in each client’s recent care history.

OneCall24 Healthcare Care Plan Management icon

Care Plan Management

Ensures clarity around staff roles, by assigning clear areas of responsibility, organising nursing and care workers into care groups, or assigning them tasks at an individual level.

OneCall24 Healthcare Care Records icon

Care Records

The system keeps a complete care record of each service user’s care in an easily searchable format and adds review notes where necessary. Quick and easy to use.

OneCall24 Healthcare Employee Files icon

Up to date record of Employee Files

The system keeps up-to-date details of each individual care team, including their contact details, supervisions, training certificates, and more.

OneCall24 Healthcare Open Access icon

Open access to friends and family (With permission)

The app and website keeps friends and family up to speed with each clients care delivery and allows them to communicate easily with the care provider, creating a community of care which can add huge benefit to each client.

OneCall24 Healthcare Body Maps icon

Body Maps

This allows person centred care accuracy. New generation interactive body maps take person-centred care to another level of accuracy.

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